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    Trouble with duplicated movie clips

    Oni RAMEN
      I am trying to develop a simple application which allows users to scroll through the timeline to see a new duplicated movie clip on each new frame. I have two scroll buttons, left, and right. left has prevFrame(); attached to it, and right has nextFrame();. Basically, I have a movie clip, of simply 1 pixel, I made a button which the user clicks to duplicate the movie clip of a pixel, which it does so with the X coordiate incremented by 1, and since it is 1 pixel, it basically draws a line. That works fine no problem. The problem is with the frame scrolling. I can go back and forth between frames (use the left and right buttons to go through frames 1-10 right now, back and forth, both ways), but the duplicated movie clips are displayed on every frame, there is no difference between the frames. If I duplicate a movie clip on frame 2, then advance to frame 3, make a ntoehr duplicate, advance to 4, duplicate, etc., when I scroll back through the timeline, all frames 1-4 in this example have 4 movie clips on them, I want frame 1 to have the original, 2 to have the original and the duplicate, etc. Basically, I want to be able to not have the movie clip duplicates created on every frame when I duplicate them, just the one they were created on, and the frames which follow, not the frames before.

      If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.