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    Looking for my files


      I recently bought a Samsung Tablet. It comes bundled with Adobe Reader for Android.


      I run Adobe Creative Suite on my desktop, so am familiar with the product, and naturally started using it.  I added extensive comments to a couple of pdfs.


      Then, I returned back to my home base. I wanted to transfer the amended files to my desktop. But I could not find them.


      I consulted Samsung Tech Support, who gained access to my tablet. Together, we looked everywhere.


      We  went to the directory where the pdf was stored originally. But the amended file was not there.


      We searched through the Device and the SD Card, using more than one file-management app, and more than one search strategy. No dice.


      We connected the tablet to the desktop and check via Windows Explorer, making sure that the 'show hidden files' option was activated. This did not help.


      Adobe Reader shows the amended file under "Recent Files". Next to the "Recent Files" tab is one called "Local". Clicking on it, we saw that it indicates a storage location for the amended files. So we went to that location. But there was no sign of the files.


      Evidently, the system has stored my files on the device, then has gone to some lengths to hide them. The rationale seems clear: the system is designed for users who sign up to the extended service and use the Cloud facilities.


      Since I have not used the Cloud, the system has made use of my internal storage facilities -- and now it is preventing me from making use of them. I am being deprived of the use of my own machine!


      There is a question in law here, but leave that aside. The point is, it would be good to find a way forward.


      Can anyone suggest anything? I'd be most grateful.