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      In most cases, I get the following:

      ExternalInterface.available returns true
      ExternalInterface.addCallBack returns false

      As I must have JavaScript to/from ActionScript to make my website work, I instead I used SetVariable and played the Flash movie. This techinque works on computers that returned true to both of the above ExternalInterface functions, but doesn't work on computers where addCallBack fails.
      objFlash.SetVariable("Command", "Initialize");

      Inside of Flash in ActionScript, Command is undefined.

      This occurs on both IE and Firefox, so appears to be an OS setting of some kind.

      Anyone have any ideas on this?

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          ChrisMelvin Level 1
          OK. Solved this and sorry about the multiple posts.

          The cause of this was the hteml page not being run from a webserver, but being accessed as a local file. If you are running Flash Professional 8 on the computer addCallBack will work. On a computer where you are not running Flash 8 development environment and test by opening an html page from a drive, addCallBack will always fail, even with allowScriptAccess set to "always".

          When testing in house on various computers place it on your webserver and test from there. This does apply to the computer you are developing on, as running the development environment seems to override this.