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    Adobe Animate, AS3

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      i have trouble in AS3 , i'm new here so can anyone tell me. what code should i write when i want one layer disapear when i click on button, because when i click button i want to start another frame(ialready write that) and last layer disepear. idon't want that this two layers play together.


      thank you in advance! 

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          layers don't exist outside the authoring environment so you can't control them with actionscript.


          you can group the objects in any layer/frame into a movieclip and you can reference that movieclip with actionscript.  or you can mask and unmask a layer with a movieclip and control that masking/movieclip with actionscript. and there are probably a lot of other ways to accomplish what you want.


          if you use a goto to change frames and you want the content of a layer to 'disappear', you can add an empty keyframe at that frame/layer.