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    How to adjust InDesign Zoom


      I got a problem with In Design that annoys me for some time already, but now that i start to work more with ID want to find a solution.


      When i scroll in Photoshop:

      I scroll- Picture size increase in center until the edges hit the ruler, than it stats to zoom to the mouse arrow on the screen.


      When i scroll in Illustator:

      I scroll- It zooms to the center of the mouse arrow.


      When i scroll in InDesign:

      I scroll- i zoom any part of the active side but not the part where my mouse arrow is located, especial, when i work outside (grey area) of the sheet.


      Can anybody tell me what i do wrong in InDesign or how/where i can change my settings to make InDesign work the same as the other two?


      Version: InDesign CC 2016 on Windows 10