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    BUG: latest AE/ME messes up sound file endings in .mp4 video files!


      I'm runing latest AE and ME on a late 2013MBP Retina with latest OS X.


      After trying to render my AE sequences using a custom .mp4 preset (using it for 3 years now) I get video files with messed up endings of the audio part. Usually the endings start skipping trough random places in audio. E.G.: say I have a sentence: "my name is Tomas" in my sequence. Final video rendered in ME will have the sentence like: "my name is T my is mas" (the length of the file stays the same). Please fix this as I have tons of files to be delivered for TV airing every day. Thanks.


      P.S.: same problem persists after rendering to mov or mpeg2. Please oh please fix this thing!!!