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    Licencing question for images on websites with large traffic.




      I am new to Adobe Stock and interested in using it for projects we currently develop on an ongoing basis. We have now signed up to CC too and looking to benefit from the included 10 images per month with the subscription.


      One of the websites we develop can have a high amount of traffic to it. We would like clarification of the term 'broadcasting' that is stated in the licence?


      • Create more than 500,000 copies of the image in print, digital documents, software, or by broadcasting to more than 500,000 viewers.


      Does the above apply to web page views at all? Or is it limited to traditional TV broadcasting?


      if 'Broadcasting' does include page views...


      - Does it equate to 500,000 unique website visitors looking at the page at the same time, or total of unique viewers looking at the image over a certain time period?




      - Does it equate to 500,000 page views, that could be generated by a much smaller audience of unique website visitors?


      I would appreciate it if this could be clarified.