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    InDesign script to set multiple images...

    PG7001 Level 1

      Ok, so I need some guidance on how to go about this..


      I need an InDesign script which allows a user to select a folder of images... and it would need to do the following:

      • The script would need to center and proportionally fit each of these images onto an InDesign page.
      • Lastly, the script would need to save the InDesign document with the same name as the image file, as well as move the image file into a generated links folder.. and finally, set all of these files into a folder with the same name as the image file before moving on to the next image.

      I've seen something similar to process PDF files onto templates for rapid processing of Adobe DPS stacks.. so I would think this is not a huge task. I just need to ask exactly how to do this (if anyone knows)