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    Shape morphing question, where is my path keyframe

    dougk85788406 Level 1

      This is probably a really easy question but I have had way too much frustration over this.

      I am morphing shapes which I have successfully done but for some reason I have run into this issue. When I create a shape with the pen tool then open contents>Shape 1>Path 1 there is the option to keyframe the path.


      The problem:

      I then use the rectangle tool either on the same shape layer or a separate shape layer and create my shape then open contents>rectangle 1>rectangle path 1 and there is not an option for a path keyframe. The only keyframe options I get are size, position, and roundness. Where is my path keyframe option?


      Is there some difference that I am unaware of between shape building using the pen tool and the shape tool?


      I watched some tutorial on converting the shape to bezier, but when I right click I don't get that option either.


      I am using a mac with AE CS6



      Any help is much appreciated