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    PDF form check box (created in indesign) wont change to unchecked when viewed in Nitro, changes styles without permission in Acrobat

    hpnwise Level 1

      I made a PDF fillable form in InDesign with radio buttons, check boxes, and text form fields.  When viewed in Adobe Acrobat pro, every field works as expected.  When viewed in Nitro, the radio buttons and form fields work, but the check marks are default set to be checked (with an x) and won't uncheck or change to the check mark glyph (like you would see in Acrobat) when clicked.


      Secondly, and this one is more frustrating:


      In the same form, I have set a custom check mark style to look like 1 when checked, 3 when unchecked.  Those are the only two styles for that check box in the button info panel.  When the form is filled in Adobe Acrobat, the following sequence happens:

      Click check box that looks like 3

      check box changes to 1

      click next form field

      original check box changes to 2


      So once the form is completed, all the checked boxes are style 2.  Why.