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    Digital Editions Help frustration


      I wanted to know how to control the number of columns that are displayed when viewing a book with Digital Editions.


      Within Digital Editions, I did this:

      - Click Help

      - Click Adobe Editions Help

      - Choose a product.  I have to scroll down to find Digital Editions, even though that's the product that I originally clicked "help" for, so I would've thought it ought to already know that.


      - In "Tell us what you need help with..."  -- I choose How-to's

      - In "Is your issue related to..."  I once again choose How-to's

      - I get a page saying "Try these first...   Adobe Digital Editions Learn & Support.  I start to type in the Search Field, and the page then decides to scroll down for me.. arrg... "what the ?" , so I scroll back up type my search "number columns"


      I get results for "InDesign", InCopy, Photoshop! Seriously?! After repeatedly saying I I want help with "Digital Editions" 3 times already you just ignore it and give unrelated results for different products?!  There is not a single result for  Digital Editions.


      I go back to previous page.  Once again as I'm trying to read the page it decides to scrolls down again for no good reason -- dumbest thing ever!


      I try "Get Started"  (My fingers are getting tired from the clicking already.)


      I again enter "number of columns" and once again it gives me the same worthless results for other products!  Useless...


      I answer the "Was this helpful" question with "No".  It brings up a comment screen, so I try to type in the above information.  But no... it only accepts 250 characters...  why?  I suspect because nobody really much cares.


      So I try "Contact Us" instead... It takes me back to the original "Tell us what you need help with..." !


      I don't even care about my original question anymore... it wasn't a big deal.  Now I'm just very annoyed that the "help" doesn't even try to help.


      So... I guess I'd just like to point out that I didn't find the "help" very helpful and I think it could be improved.