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    InDesign-InCopy workflow. Designer unable to check-in.


      We started using the InDesign-InCopy workflow.

      We are using the layout based workflow (not the assignments based workflow)

      I am the Designer working in InDesign with one Copywriter using InCopy.

      The Copywriter opens my same InDesign file in InCopy and works from there. We are both on CC, on macs.


      When I first tested out this workflow, I was able to check in/out contents. Now, I'm only able to check out items; InDesign does not let me check items back in.

      Is it because two people have the InDesign file open?


      I thought the benefits of this workflow were collaboration, like...

      • I could have the InDesign file open in InDesign and the Copywriter could have the same file open InCopy at the same time
      • We could work on different content, check-in/out as needed
      • We would update our Assignments and Links panels as needed


      It's looking like that's not the case. We are working on entirely different content, different spreads.


      Prior to using InCopy, we both used InDesign and took turns getting in and out of the file.


      I'd love to hear any suggestions on collaborative workflows.

      And whether or not two people can work on the same InDesign file at the same time.


      Thank you!