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    Lightroom 6.6 osx - constant dynamiclinkmangager crash -HELP!


      I have a new Sony RX10iii camera and the drivers to handle it came in Lightroom 6.5. So I do the 6.5 updated and lightroom hangs, console shows constant crash of dynamiclinkmanager - just crashes over and over.


      Yep so fun dealing with crap updates. I go to the download page - get a clean instal of 6. Do a remove lightroom & prefs, do a restart, instal 6.0 - works fine. Now I install the 6.6 update and it goes back to hangs. Look at OS X console and the dynamiclinkmanager is crashing constantly.


      What fun BARF!!!!!!! I have never had a decent update. So now I have no workable Lightroom... and of course I can't capture raw images from the Sony RX10iii yet.


      I did days of hand me off to each tech last time and all they did was make me look at all my non existent system problems. When I had no system problems they disappeared.


      HELP!!!!!! Is there a full 6.6 download that will work. Is this magic? I NEED LIGHTROOM and I NEED IT TO IMPORT A SONY RX10iii Raw files.


      Im on an iMac 27, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB, 24 gigs memory,



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          cossackrock Level 1

          I tried all updates. They all hang in the slideshow module (dynamiclinkmanager). But it works up through Lightroom 6.3. After that the whole application hangs.


          The dynamiclinkmanager is an adobe piece of code:


          Process:               dynamiclinkmanager [2639]

          Path:                  /Applications/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Lightroom.app/Contents/Helpers/DynamicLinkSupport/support/common/dynamiclink/dynamiclinkm anager.app/Contents/MacOS/dynamiclinkmanager

          Identifier:            com.adobe.dynamiclinkmanager.application