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    Colorspace gets changed by LR Mobile with iPad Pro 9.7"?

    ether_2 Level 1

      I'm experiencing an odd phenomenon.


      I've loaded some Adobe RGB colourspace photos on to my iPad pro 9.7" using a special app instead of iTunes so that the colourspace is not changed. The iPad Pro 9.7" has the broadest colour range of any Apple mobile device. If I open one of these photos in LR Mobile and use split screen to see the same photo side-by-side with say, the Photo app, there is a noticeable difference - as I would expect. LR is showing the Adobe RGB version and Photo is showing it in sRGB (because iTunes converted it when sync'ing).


      Here's the problem. If I then start to edit the photo in LR Mobile - say by adjusting the exposure - as soon as I begin, the colours change markedly to match the version I see in the Photo app. If I reset the image it makes no difference. It appears that the colourspace has been permanently changed. I have to manually delete the image from LR Mobile and reload it to get back to the Adobe RGB version.


      I can't believe that no one else has noticed this before so either it's a well known issue that I couldn't find online or I am doing something odd.


      I have tried this with iOS 9.3.1 and 9.3.2. 'True Tone' was off.

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          Thomas Geist Level 1

          I actually have the feeling that this change not just happens when you edit, but that it's a discrepancy betweven a pre-generated preview and whatever LR Mobile generates.

          If you simply look at a single image and then do a three finger tap (before/after view) the image already switches to a different color rendition.


          This happens to me for instance with RAW files that have been synced from LR to LR mobile.