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    Interactive PDF Works Online On PC .pdf file doesn't work or mobile views


      I created an interactive pdf.  Here is the online version when I click publish online - https://indd.adobe.com/view/df4ed0fd-c0f3-4c5b-acfd-8a82d0198c33


      The only thing wrong with this version, if viewed on my pc (tried chrome and firefox) is that the right arrow to progress through states is mis sized (which it is not on my indesign preview)


      The big problems are on the pdf and the mobile view of that same web page


      1: PDF  - The youtube video does not work at all. It just gives me a black box.  Also, the gallery does not work at all. I see that the arrows are clickable, but clicking does not change the photo as it does when I publish it online and view with my pc


      2: Online mobile view.  Using the same address as above link, the youtube video works fine, but the gallery does not work correctly.  I can click  on the right arrow button and it shows its clicking but it only randomly works (maybe once every 10 taps).  The left arrow, which works on the pc view does not work at all


      i am using indesign 2015 cc


      I initially wanted to publish this page and about 60 more as a web app, but the folio overlay appears to be removed from this version and I can't find any tutorials on how to publish as an app for the new version, so I'd like to integrate it into my main app as a webpage so people can view it. I just need it to work correctly on the web view first.


      Any help is greatly appreciated