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    c# sample echo sign

    rickyy26597406 Level 1

      I already signed developer account.

      I need to get sample in c# how to upload a document(PDF) with 5 pages and send to the clients to sign.

      Inside of the pdf, all information already filled in and one thing I need to know below:


      Is it truth Echo Sign has special format name like textbox in pdf that used to allow receiver to sign?

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          I am writing a C# wrapper for Adobe Sign Rest API, please have a look it might help you.




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            keviny75380389 Level 1

            Yes it is possible. Base on haseebmukhtar00's work, I was able to add a sign field on existing PDF file with following code.




                        documentCreationInfo.formFields = new List<FormField>();

                        var formFields = documentCreationInfo.formFields;

                        formFields.Add(new FormField


                                displayLabel = "Client Sign",

                                recipientIndex = 1,

                                contentType = "SIGNATURE",

                                maxLength = 50,

                                minLength = 1,

                                locations = new List<Location>


                                    new Location {

                                        height = 20,

                                        width = 230,

                                        pageNumber = "3",

                                        left = 65,

                                        top = 152 // from left bottom corner.



                                name = "Client1Sign1",

                                inputType = "SIGNATURE",

                                required = true,

                                defaultValue = "",

                                fontSize = "8.0",

                                readOnly = true,

                                borderWidth = "1.0",

                                tooltip = "Please sign "


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              Can you show me how to get access token with Adobe Sign Rest API? I am not able to get it,


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                jamesj1 Level 1

                Hi shojik58550374,


                If you can show us your code we can show you where you may have gone wrong.



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                  shojik58550374 Level 1

                  Actually I got access token portion working. However. I fails with page limit event though it has only one page. I guess they won't allow us to upload anything for Free Trial.


                       "code": "BAD_REQUEST",

                       "message": "Adobe Sign was unable to create your agreement because the document(s) exceeded your page limit."


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                    thangarai vendhe66303680

                    You have to generate Integrated API for you Application in Adobe Sign. And Use that Integrated Key to API Calls instead of Access-token.

                    To enable the integrated Key option, send a mail to adobe support.