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    Indesign 2015.4 Crashes when applying effects

    Barbara Rainess

      I just recently upgraded to Indesign CC 2015.4, the one with all the birds on the splash screen. I am running Windows 7 on a PC, and have been using indesign for years. I am working on a book cover. Everything is fine until I select the book title and try to apply effects, such as a drop shadow, or an outer glow. It sometimes lets me do it, but then when I try to do the subtitle it crashes. Other times it crashes on the title. I cannot get past it.


      I have already saved and then trashed my preferences file and then restored them. No change, still crashes.


      On the most recent crash, I went to the task manager and saved a dump. Who can I send it to so we can get this thing resolved. I'm losing money here the longer I am dead in the water.


      Please help.