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    Text in Lightroom


      It's really simple. I want to place text besides an image. When I created the image, I left space on the side to insert text. Now, all I have to do is learn how to insert the text. I'm not creating a book; it is only one image. I can't figure it out. I accessed the PDF manual for Lightroom, but found nothing listed in the "Table Of Contents." So, I'm forced to ask the question: How does one apply text to an image in Lightroom?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom's only capability of adding text on top of an image is through the watermark feature when you export or print; or using the Slideshow feature.


          There is also a plug-in called Mogrify which can add text at export.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            If you mean you somehow left a white space along side, top, bottom, left, right, an image the only way to add text to that white area is by using a program like Photoshop. Sure the Watermark option can place the watermark in any corner and can be rotated. But it sounds like you want to add text like you can do in PS or one of the other Adobe programs for doing design layout. Like InDesign or Illustrator.

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              elie_di Level 4

              It is possible to add text to an image in the Print module by selecting Photo Info in the right side panel and the option for Custom Text and then typing (or pasting) into the text box. However, the text will always be at the bottom of the cell and so can work well with an image in portrait aspect, but with a landscape aspect image the text will be along one of the short sides and oriented sideways. If you don't want to send the output to an in-house printer, in can be "printed to jpg".