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    One Photo in Two Different Folders



      When I'm out walking I like to take photos of birds and butterflies as well as the general countryside.

      I then file my photos in a subfolder under my general "Walks" folder. I also have a number of folders titled "Birds" "Butterflies" "Fungi" etc.

      I'd like to keep a copy of any wildlife photos in the "Walks" folder as a reminder of the day but also have the picture in one of the specialised folders as a record of the wildlife I've seen.

      I can't seem to find a way of doing this, when I move the photo to, say, the "Birds" folder, it disappears from the "Walks" folder.

      Sorry if this is a basic question, I'm quite new to Lightroom.

      I'm using Lightroom 6 and any advice would be gratefully appreciated.