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    Missing app icon


      How do I find the missing app icon on my iPad? Once you updated the software, the only way I can access my documents is via the App Store. I shouldn't have to go to the App Store every single time I want to read a PDF document. HELP!!q

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          First, would you please make sure that the App Store shows the blue OPEN icon for Acrobat Reader?



          If so, Acrobat Reader is installed on your iPad.


          The red Acrobat Reader app icon should also appear somewhere in the Home Screen on your iPad.  Can you inspect each Home Screen to find the Acrobat Reader app icon?


          In the example below, the dots indicate the number of "pages" of Home Screen.  You can scroll from right to left to navigate to the next screen.



          Another possibility is that you may have accidentally created an app folder and moved the Acrobat Reader app icon to the folder.


          An app folder containing multiple app icons would look like this.  It shows tiny app icons inside the folder.


          If all else fails, you can reset your Home Screen layout to start over.


          1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.
          2. Tap Reset in the Reset Home Screen alert dialog.


          Please inspect each Home Screen to find the Acrobat Reader app icon.


          Hope this helps.