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    Equidistant numbering at end of Lines in Poetry Format



      I run a Printahop in India and has to make Religuous Hindi Books on regular basis.

      We use Indesign 6 and are happy with the software.

      We are facing a small issue, hope it can be resolved here.

      In majority of books we have to type shloks (2 line poetry), they can be just 2 or can run to multiple pages or the entire book.

      At the end of each second line we have to put shlok number like this |1||

      Lines can be long or short but these marks & numbers should fall below each other.

      For a clear idea you can click on this drive link to see the screenshots.


      The numbers are entered manually while typing, so just a proper way to place | No.|| will be enough. (No auto numbering required, although if possible will love to learn)

      Thanking You in anticipation of a positive reply soon.