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    InDesign CC crashing while opening


      Hi all,


      I've tried all the obvious solutions, but still cant get my inDesign working, hopefully you can help!


      Problem: In the middle of a working day my InDesign crashed while opening. It was not after any update to hard or software. It now crashes every time, without getting past loading screen.


      Solutions attempted:
      - Restart machine

      - Check for Windows & InDesign updates updates

      - Removed suspect fonts

      - Reinstall inDesign (removing preferences)

      - All other apps work ok

      - Checked system requirements

      - Run in selective startup mode.


      - Adobe CC, regularly updated through app

      - Machine: Windows 10 Pro, HP pavillion g7 notebook pc, intel core i5, 2 core, cpu @ 2.5ghz, 6gb RAM


      Any suggestions much appreciated!


      Many thanks!