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    Installation of Lightroom 6


      I have a MacBook Air running X El Capitan ver. 10.11.5 (15F34).

      I purchased Lightroom 6 from Amazon, and got the CD in the mail.

      Since my Mac does not have a disc drive, I used my old MacBook Pro to copy the disc onto a USB stick. Plugged it in and ran it from that stick.

      I registered it and it proved to be genuine.

      Tried installing it and got an Adobe Genuine Software Verification Failure message. Said my product appears to be counterfeit.


      Below, I have laid out what I did as per what was suggested in one of the forums


      Click on the below link and download Adobe Application Manager and install the same .



      Once the installation process is completed, installation box will disappear.

      Then open " Applications" folder and locate Adobe Application Manager launch icon and double click on it and update.

      It will launch Adobe Creative Cloud app. Quit it .  (NOTE: I don't have Creative Cloud, so it was not launched)

      Make sure to Force Quit Creative Cloud process from Activity Monitor .

      Then try to install Lightroom , it shud work.


      After doing all of the above, still ended with same Failure message.