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    Lightroom CC opens with "Reduced Functionality"


      I have the Creative Cloud for Photography option and all of a sudden when I open Lightroom CC a box pops up saying it is opening with Reduced Functionality and that I need to go to manage my account to purchase a membership. Lightroom opens but the develop module is disabled. I've signed out of the Creative Cloud app, Lightroom, the website, everywhere and signed back in to no avail. On the Adobe site it says I'm paid and good to go. But on my pc Lightroom says I need to send more money. I've done a chat from the website and they said they had to send it to the "Relevant Team" and that I would get an email in 24 to 72 hrs and that was Tuesday and I haven't heard anything. Yesterday I started tweeting to the Adobe Customer Service twitter account and they got a tech to email me for a contact number and time to call. I sent that but have yet to get that call. This is terrible!!! I've been dead in the water for over a week through no fault of my own, that I can tell, and the customer service is non-existent. Does anybody have any idea how I can fix this? Please help! I'm sending up red flares now and feel like I'm lost at sea.