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    Scale and zoom on second clip


      I'm using adobe premiere elements 14


      I want to have a second clip on top of the main clip. The second clip is positioned in the lower right corner. After a few seconds I want to zoom in on a particular part of the second clip. I don't no how to do this.


      I used the scale function of the motion effect to resize and position the second clip. And then I used the pan and zoom function of the tools menu to zoom in on the particular part of the clip. But this seems to overwrite the scale function.


      Later I started using the crop function with keyframes and the enabled the zoom function (in the crop menu) , butt this doens't work properly as well.


      I hope someone knows what to do.


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          terrys30580497 Level 3

          I don't know of any way to do this in Premiere Elements. There may be a complex combination of keyframe animations that would allow you to do this.


          However, this would be my approach. Render a separate video with the pan and zoom already applied to that clip. Determine how many seconds into the video you want the zoom in to occur. Determine If you want to apply any other animations to the video and how many seconds into the video you would want this to occur.


          Then use that video in your project.

          Regards, Terry