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    Lightroom Mobile imports wrong image


      Hi Lightroom Mobile Experts,


      I am encountering a strange issue which I can't find any help on.:


      When I copy images to any collection or add images to the main collection, LR will add a completely different image. This will also appear After going to development mode (so it is not the wrong thumbnail only)


      This leaves Lightroom unusable, as I can't import new stuff.

      Any ideas would be highly appreciated as I wanted to use LR on my just started trip to Hanoi  




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          greule Adobe Employee

          Did I get it right that you have edits (e.g. presets from the photos app) applied to the photos within your camera roll and when you now import the photo to Lr Mobile these edits are no longer visible? - Guido

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            nhilbert Level 1

            No, sorry I didn't make myself clearer.


            I am on mobile only right now.


            I go to any collection, go to import photo, add photo I took previously. Then instead of the photo chosen some other photo is added (older photo from SD card)


            Same if I chose automatic adding: not the newly taken photo is added, but some different one.


            I thought only thumbnails were mixed up, but I can also go to edit the picture, it stays the wrong image.


            If I go to main collection and chose add all, recent photos are omitted.


            Seems like some index got messed up?


            I tried to uninstall, made sure everything was deleted and reinstalled, but issue stayed the same.


            Any idea? I would love to have some quick fix functionality to post images from my vacation. As it is now, I can't import recent images, so LR is left unusable.


            Any help is greatly appreciated!


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              nhilbert Level 1

              After spending some more time I was able to seemingly fix the problem.


              Somehow only imports from the DCIM folder where affected. The effect was that not the foto from the folder was imported to a collection, but some random image from the main collection.


              Imports to main collection where ignored.


              Removing all images from DCIM didn't change, new photos take  didn't land in main collection.


              Now I removed the DCIM folder, that seems to have fixed the problem.

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                AbhinavAditya Level 1

                Hi Norman,


                Sorry to hear about your problem. But still I'm not much clear about the issue. Could you provide me the screenshots of the workflow you are following and also the end result. Also, let me know which version of Lightroom you are using and on which Android version and device.



                LR Team

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                  nhilbert Level 1

                  Sorry can't attach Screenshots from here but will do as soon as I have the chance.


                  Problem solved for now, but maybe you want to check for root cause?

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                    denniR Level 1

                    Hi, I'm experiencing the same problems. When I try to add photos to a collection on my phone (Android) lr adds entirely different images. I select the images, I press the check mark, and wham, completely different photos are imported in their place. What in the world is going on here?????

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                      AbhinavAditya Level 1

                      We have completely revamped our import. Could you please try now and let us know if you are experience same problem now also.

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                        I am having the same problem. I'm using the latest version of Lightroom but random photos appear when import. I am beyond frustrated with it!