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    Lightroom Mobile can't save photos to camera roll


      I have been able to save photos to my camera roll before on my iPhone 5 (running on iOS 9.3.2 up to date as of July 9th 2016) but recently I have not had the ability to save photos to my camera roll anymore. In fact, I am not able to do any sharing of any kind with the photos I have synced on Mobile. I have synced and unsynced the photos and they disapear and reappear as I do so, so I know the syncing is not the issue. When I click share, it starts to load and says "this may take a while" and I have waited upwards of 15 minutes on this loading screen and the photo has not been able to download. Previously, it would only take 10-15 seconds maximum for a photo to download, otherwise it typically took 5-8 seconds. Not sure what the issue is since connectivity and wifi seem to be normal as well. Would love some help shining light on the issue so I can get my photos through the app instead of emailing them to myself or something else!