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    Flash Builder; Adobe AIR; Missing Extension Error?

    drew345 Level 1

      I am trying to build a piece of opensource software using Flash Builder and Adobe AIR, but I am getting  compile error that three extensions are missing. I think I located the extensions but now am not sure where to put them to get a proper build.


      Details (You don’t have to read them all, but here they are…):


      I am trying to build mBlock software (based on scratch 2 offline) which comes from here:



      I am following a set of instructions from here:



      In Flash Builder 4.7, I install AirSDK and create a new ActionScriptProject . Then I copy in mBlock src folder and set necessary Library Paths and Native Extensions. Finally I try to run it. The actual “compile” and “run” command is not called out in the instructions, I use : “run as: desktop application“  to try and test the program. (mBlock is a desktop application.)


      I get an error:

      Process terminated unexpectedly.

      The content cannot be loaded because there was a problem loading an extension: Error: Requested extension cc.makeblock.BluetoothExt could not be found.


      I get the same errors for two other missing extensions: cc.makeblock.AIRSerial and cc.makeblock.AirHID.


      I think I found the BluetoothExt, AIRSerial, and AirHID extension files by downloading the latest working (already compiled) version of the software and digging through the program folder files. What I found were folders with names: cc.makeblock.BluetoothExt, cc.makeblock.AIRSerial, and cc.makeblock.AirHID.


      Now I am not sure where to put those extension folders to get a good run. Any help about placing those three extension folders for a proper compile appreciated. Any other help on overcoming “Requested extension could not be found” flash builder error greatly appreciated. Any and all help appreciated as this is my first flash builder experience.

      Thank you.