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    Troubleshooting needed after renaming parent folder


      Recently I renamed some file folders from the month to 00 month (i.e. January to 01 January) and moved the specific RAW files from that month into a subfolder for that shoot.  The bad thing is I forgot to do this within Lightroom!!  Usually I can select one photo, update it's location, and it will sync all the other photos in that folder.  However, something has gone wrong.  Whenever I try to re-link the photo, it says the file name is different than the one selected, and do I want to continue.  The File names were ever changed and just the sub and parent folder.  This means I have to do each photo one at time and have a couple hundred to re link. I have tried right clicking on the parent folder and selecting update folder location as well as sync folder (wants to import photos as if they were never in the catalog) Any suggestions to fix this issue??