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    Trouble removing highlighting in edited document


      I currently have a huge document that is highlighted and saved by other people. For some reason, I can't get rid of these highlights efficiently. When I click on the highlight, no box shows up. When I "select all" and highlight with the white color, but that didn't work. I've gone through all the Comment and Annotation functions, but nothing has worked. I've also tried exporting the document into Word - but the highlighted text is seen as an image. If I enter more lines before the highlighted areas, the highlighted text stays in place and non-highlighted text gets pushed down and covered by the "image".


      So far, the only way to eliminate the highlights is to enable "Edit Text and Images" under the "Edit Tab", highlight the line(s) I want to remove the highlight, displace the text, delete the highlight, and then replacing the text back to the original spot. This is all done in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.


      This will take me far too long to do, because the document is hundreds of pages long and there are countless highlights. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to eliminate these highlights in an efficient manner?


      Thank you! I really appreciate the help!