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    Best (and easiest) way to animate mouth movement?


      Okay so I want to start doing 2D animation but mouth movement will always look tacky alongside the realistic style I'm going for unless I spend hours doing it frame by frame or do the whole thing in 3D (which I really don't want to do). I saw a mobile app on facebook which tracks girls lips and puts some shapes made to look like lipstick on them which actually follows the lips super well and would be amazing in animation. This got me thinking, how could the detailed features face tracker of after effects simulate this effect including layers for teeth, inside the mouth and lip movement. I've already tried a few unsuccessful tests and was wondering what a better technique for face tracked animation would be... Along side this I was hoping to have the characters head movement mainly made with this (or similar) feature(s). Thanks!
      P.S. I know the adobe character animator exists but it's a pretty early version and at this point... Yeah after effects please.