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    Problems with AE and Premiere dynamic link in Windows 10

    brdcphoto Level 1



      after updating to Windows 10 I have big problems with dynamic link.  Both AE and Premiere keep freezing.  I use dynamic link very heavily and did not get any problems in the past.


      AE freezes when I open a project with a linked premiere sequence.  When I open it from Premiere, there is not problem.  In the sequence there are also some linked compositions.  So I am going in both directions on the same sequence.


      So, after doing editing and using some linked compositions in Premiere, I imported the Premiere sequence in After Effects.  Just to get it right.


      Like I said before on Windows 7 last week, no problem at all.  I just updated to Windows 10 and problems started.


      Some recommendations please.


      i7 processor and 32gb of ram.