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    How to export without needing a color profile


      When I export images from lightroom and open them in the default windows app (which is not color managed) they look different. I know this is normal becouse it doesn't load the color profile associated with the photo. My question is, is it possible to export the image so that it non color managed viewers will display the image correctly? Image below to demonstrate the issue. Left is lightroom, right is the export in a non color managed application. Since I can perfectly screenshot this, I would assume I can export in a way the colors are preserved without the need of a profile. Is this a correct assumption or am I missing something?




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          dj_paige Level 10

          This is unrelated to the RAW file. You should be exporting as sRGB, which gives maximum compatibility with the wide variety of apps out there. However, if you have apps that are not color managed, then you get what you get, there is no real way to make the photo in a non-color managed app match what you see in Lightroom. The solution, when it is feasible, is to only use color managed apps. I realize that if you are sending photos to clients, that may not always be possible, but you can still suggest to them that they use certain apps and not other ones.

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            fotro.be Level 1

            Thank you for your response. I just looked at my older files and did a test which resulted in the same issue, I must have never noticed it before, or I always used color managed apps. However, as you state, when sending images to a client, you can't really control that.


            PS: I removed the section about the RAW's in my question as it was en error on my part and unrelated to what I want to achieve.