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    Can't print


      I have an iMac on which I upgraded the OS to El Capitan  V. 10.11.5    Now I can't print from Lightroom to my Epson 3880. I can check utilities, so I know there is a connection between the computer and the printer.  I installed new software for the printer driver.   Thanks for any help.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          What happens when you try to print? If there is an error message, please quote the exact complete word-for-word error message.


          Also please state the version NUMBER of Lightroom.

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            dand74866878 Level 1

            Sorry for the delay.  I have Lightroom 5.7.1    And Mac OS 10.11.5     I get no message when I press print.  Nothing happens.  Like it's not connected to the computer, but it is.  Thanks for your interest.    Dan

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              This has happened to me once in a great while (hasn't happened since if upgraded to 10.11.5) but to get the printer going just hit the "Printer..." button to the right of the "Print" button and hit PRINT in the dialog that shows up.  After that the "Print" button seems to work for awhile.

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                dand74866878 Level 1

                Thanks.  I'll try, and let you know. A few days.  Dan


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                  I have a similar problem except my printer pushes out blank sheets of paper. I have tried quite a few things I have found on forums including deleting the preferences file. I managed to get some photos to print but that was by changing the settings under colour management to "managed by printer", I would rather be able to print using my cameras profile.