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    Why is my file size so huge?


      I just started to use the Adobe Illustrator Draw App on my tablet a few days ago and now noticed how big my file got.
      My device keeps crashing because I am running out of free space.

      My project is 20% finished and I almost hit 4 GB!
      I even put all layers together and resized it to make it smaller, funnily this made the file 1,5 GB bigger...
      What the hell is going on? I hope someone has an explanation. The app is simply awesome and I wish to work more with it, but taking so much space makes it unusable for me. I feel like im the only one to have such a problem, I am just learning to work with illustrator so propably it's some beginner's mistake -_-

      Or maybe these files are supposed to be that big? If yes I would need 20GB+ for a finished project, that can't be right...
      Another question is if it's possible to somehow save my projects on my SD card.


      I use an android tablet by the way.  I hope someone can help me!