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    Install and use plugins in PHONEGAP DESKTOP



      I believe this is a newbie question but I am having problems installing the amazon sdk, and using the pre-loaded splash-screen plugin, all the tutorials I see are about cordova and none are about PHONEGAP DESKTOP. So my question is elementary. How do I install and use a plugin in phonegap desktop?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Can you describe your testing/development setup exactly? I assume you're using PhoneGap Developer on your test devices, but I want to be sure.


          There is no direct way to add plugins using PhoneGap Desktop. Typically a project created with PGDesktop comes with all the core plugins already referenced. You can add references manually by adding them to your project's "config.xml" file, but PhoneGap Developer will likely not support it (it only supports core + a few third-party plugins). You will need to build the project using the PhoneGap CLI (or PhoneGap Build) to use additional non-core plugins.


          As far as Amazon SDK, I'm not sure what you mean by "having problems installing" it. Please be more specific.

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            akkig5134375 Level 1



            Yes I am using PG developer on my test device,


            So do I now have to use CLI for installing plugins?


            Also I am not able to install Amazon SDK -in layman's terms I don't know what exactly to do with it- do I need to use the CLI for that too, or is there a way around in PG desktop?


            thanks in advance

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              kerrishotts Adobe Employee

              We're mixing apples and oranges slightly I think.


              When using PhoneGap Developer, you can't add any more plugins (unless you build the PGDev app yourself). So nothing you do to the config.xml or using the CLI will make the PhoneGap Developer app support additional plugins. Furthermore, you shouldn't bank on the Developer app to ensure that your app works perfectly -- the only true test is to use the CLI (or PhoneGap Build). There are lots of edge cases where Developer behaves differently than you might otherwise expect.


              When building your app using the PhoneGap CLI, you can use the CLI to also add plugins:


                  phonegap plugin add cordova-plugin-name --save


              (--save isn't required, but highly suggested)


              But you can also just add the plugin to "config.xml" manually if you so desire:


                  <plugin name="cordova-plugin-name" spec="version" />


              Note: PhoneGap Build supports the latter as well.


              As for "Amazon SDK" -- please be more specific (perhaps provide a link?). What exactly are you trying to do?

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                akkig5134375 Level 1

                I found the Amazon SDK link here

                PhoneGap Third Party Tools | Mobile Ads - Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal


                As per you suggestion (again a million thanks for that ) I am trying to use CLI, but again I have the problem, should I install the phonegap CLI (less documented, but latest I believe) or the cordova CLI (more documented). So which one should I use to build?


                Also, Do I just need to edit my config.xml to install a plugin in PG desktop? Or do I need to do something more?


                Thanks in advance...