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    Re-applying Master Pages, text frame links lost

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      I have 4 pages. LHS1, RHS1, LHS2, RHS2. If I select all 4 and reapply the Master (after having changed the Master) then the link between RHS1 and LHS2 gets lost and LHS2/RHS2 are empty. If I reapply the link from RHS1 to LHS2, I get a third spread (LHS3,RHS3) and the chain is LHS1,RHS1,LHS2,LHS3. If I then reapply the link from LHS2 to RHS2, LHS3/RHS3 are empty again, but when I remove that spread, I get warnings about objects that will be deleted.


      What is going on? I am trying to understand.