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    Photoshop CS6 Camera Raw Highlight Warning Problem


      Running PS6 and PS4 on a Vista Ultimate machine w/64mb ram.

      In both versions of Camera Raw, my default settings are zero.

      Using a file of a white wedding cake as an example

      When I open the raw file in PS4 Camera Raw, and add an exposure value of 0.95,

      I just start to get highlight clipping in the “hot” areas of the cake.


      When I open the same file in PS6 Camera Raw with the Process Version set to 2012

      (Current) I have to add a plus 2.15 exposure before any red clipping shows.

      Even though the image is severely over exposed at this point


      The 2010 Process Version acts the same as the PS4 Camera Raw.

      The 2003 Process version brings on the Clipping Warning a bit sooner than the 2010

      Process Version.


      I was under the impression that I should use the 2012 Process Version for the best result

      But the Highlight Clipping Warning is definitely out of whack.


      I have trashed my preferences, and re-installed PS6, but this problem remains.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you.