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    Begging for help..can't wait until Monday... [issues with corrupt catalog]


      My lightroom and photoshop was moving very slowly.  I closed everything, backed up lightroom catalog, shut down my computer and did a restart.  When I launched lightroom, I got an error message stating "catalog 5 is corrupt and can't be opened  until repaired.  I selected repair.  It said it could take several minutes, but it .  It came back with another immediate error and asked if I wanted to try again.  I tried many more times.  Same thing.  So, I went to the creative cloud and it showed that there were updates for lightroom, photoshoop, and bridge.  I did all of the updates and tried to relaunch lightroom.  Which, I was then able to successfully open lightroom, but the folders were old.  There was none of my new work.  All current edits...gone...eeekkkk