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    dual monitors - popup locations

      I have RoboHelp HTML 2002 Build 949. I have a secondary monitor that is on the left of the primary monitor so the x coordinates are negative. When I open a help window on the secondary monitor, and have text popups setup to appear when a button or a piece of text is clicked, the popups appear on the primary monitor with '0' x-coordinate and correct y-coordinate.

      If the secondary monitor were to be on the right side of the primary monitor, the popup appears correctly. If the help window is on the primary monitor, the popup appears correctly. So my conclusion is that RoboHelp HTML 2002 is not handling negative coordinates situation (which arises in the case of dual monitors when the primary monitor is on the right side) properly. Or there is something that I can do programmatically.

      Is there anything that can be done by me to fix this problem? And/or is it true that RoboHelp HTML 2002 is not handling negative coordiates situation?


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          I use RoboHelp 2000, and the application doesn't handle the dual monitor well. For instance, I can't get it to use the second monitor as a default position. I think the application was written before dual monitors became commonplace. I think your only option would be to edit the BSSCDHTM.JS file - functions like BSSCPopup_ResizeAfterLoad. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how to do this because I'm not very fluent in javascript, especially when it comes to the built in functions to get existing document properties.