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    Graduated Filter - outside the lines...


      When I apply a graduated filter in the middle of a photo - for instance I want to lighten the middle part of a landscape by adjusting the exposure. I apply the filter and adjust the exposure, but the adjustment applies from the midpoint of the filter to the top of the photo - it is not constrained to the top and bottom of the graduated filter.  This is in Lightroom 2015.6 Release and this behavior I don't remember acting this way earlier. I tried "resetting" varios presets to see if I had set something inadvertently, but nothing changed this.


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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          BKKDon Level 4

          Click on "Brush" in the right-hand corner above the Effect panel in the Mask line. Select the Erase brush and adjust the effect to your liking by brushing out those parts where you don't want the effect applied.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            The Gradient Filter does not have the options to do what you want (as does Photoshop) but there are other suggestions-

            It has always been this way to my knowledge.


            1.The Adjustment Brush (large and feathered) as mentioned by BKKDon above.

            Note: If you click the Brush once, move the cursor, hold down the [Shift] key, click the Brush a second time- you will get a straight line brush from start to end locations.


            2. The Radial Filter can be extended out beyond the border of an image, and suitably adjusted with the sliders and feather.


            3. Did you know also that the Gradient filter tool can act like a "Global" adjustment to the whole image, and repeatedly!

            Just start the Gradient outside the image and drag it away further from the image.