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    Can't remove nav mini-toolbar from skin- even with help from "Skinny on Skins."

      Just to clarify in case I'm abusing RoboHelp's skin anatomy lingo, I'm referring to the little toolbar in a WebHelp skin that contains the "Hide Nav Pane" button.
      I've used the workaround in the "Skinny On Skins" guide to remove this in the past, but the fix just isn't working this time. In summary, the solution is to set the item's height to "1," essentiually eliminating it. I first used the same guide to (sucessfully) remove the buttons from this toolbar but am now left with an annoying empty box.
      Any thoughts on what I might be missing, here? I saw another post claiming that changes to the .skn file weren't "taking." Maybe this is a general problem? (And no, I'm not compiling/overwriting the file.)
      Thanks in advance,