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    GPU usage/interactive speed going worse

    StefanKlein Level 1

      In LR 2015.6 and maybe(!) also in earlier versions, I have a problem with interactive speed while draging the sliders:

      Right after I start LR and maybe for some more minutes, I have perfect interactive speed while draging sliders in the develop module (with GPU enabled).

      But then, all of a sudden, this interactive speed gets noticable worse and even the GPU usage (watched by a desktop widget) goes down. It´s as if the GPU isn´t used anymore for some things. Unchecking and and rechecking GPU in the preferences doesn´t help. Only a restart of LR.

      I have no clue, why this happens, or what I have to do to make it happen. I just can´t repro it. But it happens everytime I use LR.


      BTW. I`m on WIN 8.1, 5930K@4,1ghz, 32GB RAM, GTX 970.

      LR in general runs pretty fast. But something is happening after a few minutes. The program in general does not get any slower. It´s just the interactive speed and GPU usage that goes down.

      RAM and VRAM are not maxxed out, if it happens. I still have at least 50-70% left.