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    Closing Pop-up windows

      I'm using pop-up windows with my WebHelp application. As we know, pop-ups close by clicking anywhere on the browser window. As this is not really a familiar user experience I integrated a "close window" link on the bottom of the pop-up window, just for the user to know what to do. I just made a fake link saying "close window". I actually just force the user to click somewhere on the window which happens to be that fake link and (surprise, surprise) the pop-up closes. Not really elegant, but so far it worked. But then I linked in between two pop-up windows: the user opens one pop-up and with a "next" link another html-page opens in the same pop-up window. Strangly when I now click on that pop-up with the content of the second html page in it, the pop-up window will not close anymore. I then tried to integrate a close-window javascript. Doesn't work either. Any ideas?
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          Roger N Level 2
          xl -

          Sounds like your popup function has been, technically speaking, horked. Perhaps you could post the page with the popup for us to examine. Or try rebuilding it, and see if it still exhibits the behavior.
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            xl Level 1
            Hi Roger,

            As this is work in progress for a client I don't want everybody to see it. I tried to respond to the e-mail address given in your profile but the mail bounced back. What can we do?

            Cheers, Axel
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              Roger N Level 2
              xl - Try again - I'll watch for it and add you to the Friends list.

              Sorry - security is tight these days, and Spam pervades. But at least, we are still allowed to keep our shoes on, and we don't have to sit in a plastic tray with our loose change like Elisa does.
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                Roger N Level 2
                ...following up, Axel's issue was that he was jumping (using the href= syntax) to another page from within a popup. The new page loaded into the popup box without the function to close upon clicking the page.

                It would respond, however, if the link in the popup was to another popup. When that second popup was clicked, it would close, leaving the first popup. So you have to click again. Not a good alternative; if you have 5 steps, you have to click 5 times to close the original popup.

                I suggested a secondary window for sequences like this. Perhaps someone else has a better idea.