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    Assets (CC Libraries)


      Hello all!


      I'm exploring the "Assets" feature of Adobe and trying to learn how to take advantage of it in our projects here at the office. I saved a logo (vector) in the CC Libraries and try to experiment. I then open an Illustrator file, drag the logo from the CC Libraries and save the file. I then edit the logo from the CC Libraries by changing its color to begin with and it worked. The problem is it doesn't work in an Indesign file. I also notice that in both files there was no cloud icon that should have been there as what the tutorial has shown. ( Use Creative Cloud Libraries in InDesign to share and organize design assets | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials  )


      Any advise or help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


      Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.06.53 AM.png