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    I'm totally confused about folders, collections and smart collections!


      I'm a complete Lr newbie so please forgive what are probably basic questions!


      In Folders, I have 2 folders - Aix, and Annecy which have pics of different holidays.


      In Collections, under Smart Collections I have a folder named Aix which has my Aix pics and that has synced to Lr on my ipad.  However,although Annecy is listed under Collections, it is in a folder at the top of a new tree under Smart Collections but not part of Smart Collections.  I hope that makes sense!  This Annecy folder does not contain any pics and the only thing being synced to ipad is the folder name.  How can I copy the pics from the folder in Folders to the folder in Collections?


      I have read that pics need to be in Collections before they can be synced.  However, on the ipad there is a Folder named 'Lightroom Photos'  This contains 242 pics, the same as 'All synced Photographs' under the Catalog heading when Lr displays on my desktop.  At present, i am initially downloading my pics into my desktop and then importing to Lr.


      Finally, regarding Lr mobile in reply to a previous enquiry johnreliis advised that I should make sure I'm logged into Creative cloud on the ipad before being able to view synced pics on the ipad.  I downloaded Lr for mobile from the Apple store and do not have anything for CC on the ipad.  I now wonder if the reason the Annecy pics do not display on the ipad  is due to the fact that, at present, they are not in a Collection.


      Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just drag Annecy out of Smart Collections and next to Aix.


          What's called "Smart Collections" is actually a Collection Set - ie a container for other regular or dumb collections (like your Aix), and smart collections which group images by criteria you define. Notice how "Smart Collections" has a different icon from the smart collections inside it, looking more like a box. So what you might do next is create a Collection Set called France and drag Aix and Annecy into it.


          To get photos into the Annecy collection, find them in your folders and drag the thumbnails from the grid and drop them in Annecy.