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    cffunction, onSessionEnd throwing an error, please help

      I am using an application.cfc file to run my web site. I added an argument for onmissingtemplate and when I did that, it made my onSessionEnd statement throw an error:

      this is my statement:

      <cffunction name="onSessionEnd" returnType="void">
      <cfargument name="theSession" type="struct" required="true">
      <cfset var duration = dateDiff("s",arguments.theSession.created,now())>
      <cflog file="#THIS.name#" text="Session lasted for #duration# seconds.">

      and this is the error:

      Invalid CFML construct found on line 85 at column 1.
      ColdFusion was looking at the following text:

      The CFML compiler was processing:

      < marks the beginning of a ColdFusion tag.Did you mean LT or LTE?

      The error occurred in C:\Websites\4npp8b\Application.cfc: line 85

      83 : </cfcomponent>
      84 :
      85 : <cffunction name="onSessionEnd" returnType="void">
      86 : <cfargument name="theSession" type="struct" required="true">
      87 : <cfset var duration = dateDiff("s",arguments.theSession.created,now())>

      I don't know if this will make a difference, but here is my onsessionstart function:

      <cffunction name="onSessionStart" returntype="any" output="true">
      <cfset SESSION.created = now()>

      I can't figure out what I did wrong to make it throw that error. Any ideas?