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    Instanced drawing feature across platforms

    jingchena Level 1


      We noticed that an exciting feature, instanced drawing is released on mobile in AIR 20. This makes it possible to draw enormous amount of objects with fewer draw calls, which hugely improves the rendering and overall performance, especially for particle engines.

      Current problem is that this feature is only on mobile devices with OpenGL ES3, this cause the lack of availability in use. We sincerely hope that it would be implemented as a cross-platform feature in near future.

      1. Since most developing are on desktop, it's very inconvenient that we have to connect a device when debugging. Even worse, once we add this function into our engine, the entire program could no longer be debugged on desktop.

      2. Consider from hardware support, only latest mobile devices (since 2013) started to support OpenGL ES3, while on desktop, this is available since DX9.0, even chrome devices could realize it using GL_ANGLE_instanced_arrays.

      3. This feature is considered an advanced extension for 3D Engine, and is useful but only on large scene rendering, which is not necessary on current mobile devices, so it's more valuable in 3D desktop games.

      We are developing a web game engine and currently optimizing the rendering system, and we desperately need this feature on flash player. So does Adobe have any plan on realizing this feature on desktop AIR/Flash Player? And on which release might this be available?

      Attach our demo address.