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    Please help me urgently for this issue

    Amr.Hamdy Level 1

      Dear All,

      Please help me urgently for this issue. as I had this script before and it was lost from my PC when it's damage.

      I have 2 accounts that has special instruction regarding the use of the English source text for the any Latin text that appear either in the Farsi or Arabic files.

      For example if the EN text

      Its translation appears like below


      And as you can see all the EN text font must be identical to the source font. I may have up to 6 different English fonts to be used in the Arabic file.

      What the script meant to do

      1. I need a script to search for all the Latin text & numbers in the file and give it its EN font by assigning a certain character style for each font. I need to search for:

      - Numbers from 0-9, 

      - Capital letters, ( A, B, C, etc.)

      - Small letters, (a, b, c, etc.)

      - $, % , ©, ®, ™

      And gave them the appropriate character style that uses the right font. To do this in one of my document I need to run this search for 5 times at least to cover all the fonts used in the file.

      2. Create character styles for phone numbers  to fix its direction one for the bold and the other for regular, with only LTR attribute.

      3. Search for the % sign and give it RTL direction to make it in the right place after number. You may make another 2 characters styles for % (bold & regular) or just make override to the styles.

      4. If you have decimals signs (. OR ,) you will add 2 search rounds for (0. 0,) & (0.-0.9).

      5. To be able working in any version from CS6 and above. or at least in CC 2015


      Please feel free to contact me if you need more Info.



      Waiting you help guys...