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    Resize a puppet original file?

    liambrazier Level 1

      How can I resize the original PSD file without completely breaking everything in Ch?


      I have a very large, complex PSD puppet file, mostly rigged in Ch but it lags due to the size (It's scaled down to 7% in Ch). I want to reduce the dimensions of the file to bring that size way down but doing so breaks everything already done in Character animator. Is there really no way around this?

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          DanTull Adobe Employee

          I saw a similar behavior recently. An attempt to resize resulted in the face of my puppet being somewhat scrambled (some items moved to new positions and others stayed roughly where they were before). If I imported the puppet again, it correctly tracked the movements across resizing.


          From what I can tell, this is due to Character Animator attempting to reconcile changes to layer positions made internally (in Character Animator itself) versus externally (in Photoshop in this case) which was why the newly imported puppet worked fine (it had no internal changes to reconcile).


          There's not currently any UI around controlling the reconciliation results (like choosing which changes to accept to get a better merged result of the sets of changes). Also, I don't think the reconciliation tries to perform automatic resizing and re-positioning  of other overlaid elements like sticks and handles based on relative sizes/positions before and after.


          So depending on the kinds of changes you've made  and which features you are using, there might not be an easy path to reconciling your Character Animator changes with an externally resized puppet.


          Hopefully that's helpful in terms of being informative even if it is less so in terms of making  your rigging situation easier.


          Dan Tull